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Life on HF – DX Clusters using Spot Collector and DX View

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So there you are in front of your HF rig.  You could spin the VFO knob and randomly search for active frequencies – that’s one way to do it.  Or, you could leverage enabling technology of computer software, the Internet, and the community of HF operators on the air right now to find interesting QSO’s.

We came across a really great suite of software.  It’s called DX Lab.  At the time of this writing DX Lab contains seven integrated components.  Components can be combined based on your need.  Combine all the components and you have an extremely powerful tool to facilitate your HF activities.

For the purposes of this posting we’ll take a look at two of these seven components that work together.  We’ll use SpotCollector and DXView.   You use DXLab Launcher to manage the installation of any and all the components.

DX Clusters

Spot Collector is based on the concept of a DX Cluster.  DX Clusters have been around a long time – before the internet was public.  Before the public Internet, DX Clusters (or Packet Clusters back then) were available via Packet Radio using a protocol (AX.25) over standard VHF/UHF frequencies.  Sometimes these clusters were on the Internet available to government, research, and Universities.  Some folks linked AX.25 over packet radio on VHF to the Internet via Gateways.  All that is ancient history.

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September 2, 2008 at 7:48 am

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