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The Wave Bubble – Protecting your personal space from RF Intrusion

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The Wave Bubble

“The new device I designed, named Wave Bubble, is intended to defend the user’s personal space from unwanted wireless communication by creating a personal “cold spot” bubble where RF devices such as those mentioned do not function.”

Social Defense Mechanisms:
Tools for Reclaiming our Personal Space
Limor Fried

Meet one of the next generation of Electrical Engineers at MIT Computing Culture Group – Limor

Limor is after a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Engineering of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

MIT has long been known for the innovation coming from the Media Lab.  So what is the relation between the MIT Media Lab and the Computing Culture Group?

The Media Lab focuses on pioneering advances in media and technology, often with the aim of improving human-machine interaction. Much of this work has been in new sensor designs, innovative interfaces, and unconventional integrations of existing technologies. While the Computing Culture group contributes to this body of work, its main focus is to investigate “how artists can refigure technology to address the full range of human experiences,” primarily from a social and cultural perspective

The Computing Culture Group at MIT…

The charter for the Computing Culture Group at MIT includes the question “What do technologists miss?” The research I have engaged takes this question and extends it to ask “What do people want technologists to develop?” Many engineers aim to design a technology (or sensor design, or interface) and then try to create an application for that technology, effectively building an answer and then inventing a need. In contrast, my research aims to identify a lived, experienced human need, and then determine how technology can address that need. Out of the “full range of human experiences,” I chose to focus on human-machine experiences and, in particular, our dislike of certain common electronic devices.

What has Limor frosted is other peoples cell phone conversations invading personal space. So what better than to select a solution for this with a thesis.

You can take a look at the attached thesis which describes the Wave Bubble.    Why the Wave Bubble?

Since we cannot depend on others to respect our personal space, I have decided to instead focus on how we can defend it ourselves, using special electronic devices specifically designed to combat wireless communication technologies and televisions. Having defined the problem, I set out to design two “counter-technologies…

Attached below is a thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Engineering of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Take a read a decide for yourself.  Do you have a right to protect your personal space from RF intrustion using the Wave Bubble? 

Social Defense Mechanisms:Tools for Reclaiming our Personal Space

 Beware of the Wave Bubble

These images are taken from the Thesis.  Maybe a new danger at coffee shops are people wearing Wave Bubbles.  Perhaps this is Linor herself demonstrating the Wave Bubble.  Watch her in the fourth image in the sequence.  The wearable Wave Bubble device is on her coat.

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